Spi obtains the VOC certificate

SPI can boast the prestigious certification VOC, achieving the maximum rating A +.

The VOC certification tests the emission of volatile organic compounds released from an object and, depending on the results obtained, the tested sample is assigned a class performances, ranging from A + (best ) and class C the worst).

The possession of the VOC certifies that the product does not release harmful for health substances inside the home such as formaldehyde and benzene , a carcinogenic elements that unfortunately are often contained in paints and materials used on windows .

The VOC certification is compulsory in the French market while testing release of hazardous substances are essential (but not required) in accordance with the product standard EN 14351 ( CE marking ) .
Our society has decided voluntarily to submit to such test its entire range of products and, to do that, we used the Institute Giordano, the certifying entity accredited and most authoritative in Italy.

The importance of this document is very impressive because declares that the window SPI is absolutely free of carcinogens and harmful paints for health.


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