Libra 76 Mix

The system consists of a PVC internal structure combined with an external aluminum cover which helps to improve its endurance allowing  infinte customization in colors and finishes.

All models of the Libra 76 Mix are available in the internal color Bianco di Massa.


PVC-Alluminum structure

The PVC profile is 100% recyclable and eco-compatible and its composition and structure guarantees high insulating performance. The presence of an external aluminum cover gives further robustness to the system, reducing the need for maintenance.

Bicolor finish

Thanks to the two-tone finish made possible by the presence of the external aluminum cover, the possibilities of color choice become practically infinite. The external aluminum cover can be coated in a wide range of RAL colours, offering options including wood effect finishes and special SPI colours.

Endurance and insulation

The new Libra 76 Mix window guarantees high thermal insulation thanks to its standard equipment. The selective laminated glass with argon gas and the warm edge guarantee a more comfortable environment, reducing the impact on electrical use.


Fixed and Casement Types

Sliding Types

Special and not Standard Types


PVC colors

Massa white

Aluminum Colors

Marble brown

DD90 Matte White C2

DD91 Matte Ivory C2

DD94 Matt Grey C2

DD93 Matte Green

DD92 Matte Brown

DD95 Matte Black C2

DD80 Bronze Coated

DD81 Silver Coated

DE 07 Corten

DE01 Grey Iron


Green Marble



Standard (no extra costs)

On Demand (no extra costs)

On Demand (extra costs)



PVC Top Cover

PVC Blinds


Venetian Blind


Uw thermal insulation

Uw up to 0,5 and 48 mm glazing


Glass up to 48dB

Air permeability

Class 4

(min 1 – max 4)**

Resistance to water infiltration

class 9A

(min 1 – max 4)

Wind resistance

Classe C3/B5

(min 1 – max 5)

VOC certification

Class A+

(min C – max A+)

* value calculated on a single-sash window dim. 1230×1480 mm

* value calculated on a single-sash window dim. 1230×1480 mm


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