Eclissa Scuro

Shutters hold a unique charming style. Who has never been fascinated by the majestic shutters that surround old feudal castles or prestigious historical mansions?

Thanks to the vertical arrangement of the slats, the historic hardware and the wood-effect colors, Eclissa Scuro shutters by SPI Finestre faithfully recall the style of the old shutters from far away times.


Rustic Design

The Eclissa Scuro shutters are characterized by vertical slats that give the fixtures a rustic design very similar to the traditional shutters, thanks to the wood-effect colors available.

Historical hardware

The hardware used, with a classic design, makes the Eclissa Scuro wood-effect shutters perfect for homes with a traditional style.

Concealed hinge

The Eclissa Scuro shutters can be equipped with a special concealed hinge with a wall hinge that does not require the use of strips.



Aluminum colors

DD84 Ezy White Oak

DD87 Ezy Veined Green

DD45 Ezy Cherry Red

DD96 Ezy American Oak

DD97 Ezy Pearly Oak

DD43 Ezy Dark Acacia

DD70 Ezy Walnut Renol

DD88 Ezy Gold Cherry

DD98 Antinori Brown Sublimated

DD14 Light Rough Douglas Soublimated

M001 Walnut Sublimated

M002 Cherry Sublimated

VV08 Rough Dark Chestnut Sublimated

VV10 Rough Dark Walnut Sublimated

Marble Brown

DD90 Matt White C2

DD91 Matt Ivory C2

DD94 Matt Grey C2

DD93 Matt Green C2

DD92 Matt Brown C2

DD95 Matt Black C2

DD80 Painted Bronze

DD81 Painted Silver

6360 Marble Green


Standard (no extra costs)

Standard Black Handle
Standard Green Handle
Standard Light Brown Handle
Standard Marble Brown Handle

On Demand (extra costs)

Lowered Black Handle 29mm Nero
Available in:black, white, marble brown
Handle with Key
Available only in black
Double Hanlde
Available only in black
Lowered Double Hanlde
available only in black


Wind resistance

Class C6

(min 1 – max 6)


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