Aura 82

Aura 82 is the lift-and-slide system capable of meeting the most ambitious architectural criteria and satisfying consumers’ needs in terms of style and design. Aura 82  is transforms light into a piece of furniture. Simple to manufacture, Aura 82 comes in the variant MAX with a frame construction that can be almost completely plastered over.


More natural light

With Aura 82 materials are reduced to the essential allowing a 20% decrease in the visual impact of the frames, for a perfect blend among interiors and exteriors.

Higher accessibility

The Aura 82 lift-and-slide systems satisfy all accessibility requirements by breaking down all architectural barriers thanks to the sliding carriages for smooth opening-closing movements and thanks to the  PVC floor threshold.

thermal insulation

One of the advantages of the Aura 82 sliding system lies in the application of waterproofing membranes or liquid waterproofing thanks to a new bi-zone sealing system, with excellent sealing and stability results.

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Aura 82 Max

The Aura 82 sliding system is available in the Max version which, thanks to the reduced frontal impact of the fixed sash frame, allows more space to the glass surface, guaranteeing the maximum amount of natural light in the rooms.


Fixed and Casement Types

Lift system with two slifind sashes with 4 openable sashes not available for Aura 82 Max


PVC colors


Coated Ivory

Massa White

Veined White

Cedar Grey





01 Anthrazit Ultramatt

0202 Fenstergrau Ultramatt

0303 Umbra Ultramatt

0404 Graphitsschwarz Ultramatt

0505 Stahblau Ultramatt

08 weiβ ultramatt Bianco

1212 - Tender Oak Antique Ultra Matt

1313- Tender Oak Grey Ultra Mat

1414- Tender Oak White Ultra Matt


Uw thermal insulation

up to 1

(with Ug = 0,6W/mqK)*

Air permeability

Class 4

(min 1 – max 4)*

Resistance to water infiltration

Class 7A

(min 1 – max 9)

Wind resistance

Class C2/B3

(min 1 – max 5)

* value calculated on a 2 sashes lift system 3.500 mm L x 2.650 mm H

* value calculated on a 2 sashes lift system 3.500 mm L x 2.650 mm H


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