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The poetry of light

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Essentiality, nothing more

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Privacy means liberty

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Between the comfort zone and the rest of the world

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Searching for simplicity

Alu Compact, the slim aluminum window. Wide spaces, essential shapes, pure colors. The search for perfect balance keeps a secret: Alu Compact. When less is more, it’s all about minimalism. Balanced proportions, essentials lines and the light playing the top role. Narrow and smooth frames perfectly match with minimal interiors. An exclusive architectural masterpiece that enhances modern furniture. Entirely suitable for luxury villas, historical palace and stylish penthouse. Alu Compact represents best the contemporary living concept.

Perfection all the way

Each window by SPI is the turnout of over 150 people work who craft every window with thoughtful care in order to create impeccable and tailor-made product with extreme attention to details with the main purpose of delivering quality and satisfaction. Thanks to its distinctive features, each family of SPI windows was created to respond to a specific housing need. The complete range of products in our portfolio along with the expertise and technical know-how acquired over the years led SPI to respond, nowadays, to any kind of market request, either aesthetic or functional.

Dream, Plan, Create

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