Antea 70

Antea 70 is the 100% eco-friendly PVC minimal design window produced by SPI Finestre.

The installation of Veka profiles in class A (highest class according to the EN12608 standard) and the rich standard equipment made of a multi-chamber structure and selective glasses with Argon gas, carries out an extremely insulating window, perfect for high energy efficient homes and zero environmental impact.


Energy efficiency

The Antea 70 window, made of 100% eco-friendly PVC, combines modern design with high technical know-how.

The use of class A Veka profiles (the highest according to the EN 12608 standard), the rich standard equipment with 5-chamber structure and low-emission glass with argon gas, create a highly insulating and 100% eco-sustainable window.

Anti-intrusion hardware

The main features of the Antea 70 PVC window include the anti-burglary hardware installed on both the main and secondary sashes, capable of increasing the degree of security against break-in and intrusion attempts.

S Class profiles

In addition to being an excellent solution for quick restyling, the 70 mm multi-chamber profiles of the Antea 70 PVC windows are synonymous with strength and durability.

Antea 70 profiles are tested and tested in class S, Severe Climate, thus distinguishing themselves for their anti-UV properties and extreme resistance to adverse climatic conditions.


Fixed and Casement Types

Sliding Types

Special and not Standard Types


PVC colors

Massa White

Veined White




Standard (no extra costs)

Toulon Bianco
Toulon Oro satinato
Toulon Argento Satinato
New York Avorio
New York Bronzo
New York Testa Di Moro

On Demand (no extra costs)

New York Bianco
New York Argento satinato

On Demand (extra costs)

Atlanta in ottone colore argento satinato
Atlanta in ottone colore oro Lucido



PVC Top Cover

PVC Blinds


Venetian Blind


Uw thermal insulation

Uw up to 1.2

(with Ug = 1.0W / mqK e
28mm glass groove) *


glass up to 44 dB **

Air permeability

Class 4

(min 1 – max 4)**

Resistance to water infiltration

Class 4A

(min 1 – max 9)**

Wind resistance

Class C3/B3

(min 1 – max 5)**

VOC certification

Class A+

(min C – max A+)

* value calculated on a single sash window dim. 700×1300 mm         ** value calculated on a balcony with 2 doors with threshold dim. 1282×2043 mm

* value calculated on a single sash window dim. 700×1300 mm
** value calculated on a balcony with 2 doors with threshold dim. 1282×2043 mm


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