SPI’s revenues grew by +47.3% compared to the previous year.

The first half of the 2023 financial year ended and SPI s.p.a. recorded an increase in terms of revenues equal to +47.3% compared to the turnover of the previous year, same period. This data was received very positively by the board members who commented with satisfaction on the performance, espeically in an uncertain moment like this, when governement scrapped all green tax credits programs in matter of contruction. This good outocome is mainly attributable to the strategic initiatives implemented by SPI in the last two years, in particular and with a great impact:

  • the acquisition of a second manifacturing plant in Rottofreno (PC) with consequent increase in production capacity and reduction of time to market;
  • modernization of machinery thanks to the installation of 4.0 equipment including latest generation cutting and welding spot that made it possible to reach even higher quality standards;
  • development of the export market and in particular the launch of the American commercial branch SPI Fenestration Inc. based in Nevada – USA. For the second half of the year SPI expects to be able to continue  on this growth path, although with the awareness of a changed market scenario that no longer benefits from the government green incentives arranged in the previous year. Due to this, SPI has already implemented a multi-year development plan  aimed at supporting growth through the diversification of sales channels e the expansion of the product range such as the launch of the new minimal vinyl window Libra Horizon.


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