In harmony with your horizons

Inspiration and Innovation since 1985

SPI leaves for its “adventure” on the initiative of the Mangione brothers, with only 3 people, still employed today, as a limited liability company distributing semi-finished products throughout the country.

At this first stage the perspective for research and innovation started developing and still today it points out Spi’s philosophy and approach to work. On this line, SPI creates new conception systems and mechanisms for windows and doors and obtains numerous patents.

Today SPI has over 35 years of experience in windows filed and the family second generation has recently entered the company board thanks to Rocco Mangione who took the brand to an international level, raising export sales around the world. Spi Finestre delivers today to the United States, Libya, Africa, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Hong Kong. The handling of different customers in terms of needs, geography and culture required the development of a new skilled foreign office team, attentive to the study and segmentation of international clients.

Beyond Quality

Each SPI window is the outcome of the all-Italian passion for quality, a warm approach starting from the selection of materials to the delivery of the finished product.

Only the best raw materials, all free from harmful compounds become parts of our 100%italian made windows.

Each window is individually packed with extreme care in order to be protected from vibration and shocks during shipment and delivered through a structured network of Trucks to ensure timely order fulfillment.


The passion for quality and the desire for ongoing improvement pushes the company to make constant investments in Research and Development, to support cutting-edge design solutions, in line with the needs of the market, according to the most innovative design requirements.

Highly qualified workforce in each department is constantly involved in continuous training projects, in order to be the driven by innovation and creativity. From the first months of 2021 the new manufacturing plant for the production and distribution of PVC has kicked off in northern Italy, in the province of Piacenza.

You think, we design

Expertise and Trustworthy

Comply with the certificates obtained from external testing institutes.

Our energy saving windows are all tested and certified for high thermal and acoustic insulation standards.

The insulating power of SPI windows guarantees a concrete reduction in energy bills both for heating and for cooling consumption.

Committed to Green and sustainability

We feel very passionately to sustainability, and that’s the reason why all our manufactory process is based on eco-friendly choices, starting from the selection of harmless materials and recycled compounds. We have always committed to recycling and green policies. Over the years, we have been involved in several projects for the protection of our planet, and we also got the prestigious VOC certificate that claims that all our products are 100% free from harmful substances for health and environment.

Confidence starts at home

The Joy of best living

Becoming the first company in the national field of windows for business and residential construction.

Creating tailor-made windows ensuring fast execution times in a context of satisfaction and safety of our workforce.

Our challenges, your progress

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