SPI Finestre and the Elite program

SPI FINESTRE, a Calabrian company with over 35 years of experience in the field of insulating windows and a 120 employee team with the support of Intesa San Paolo, becomes part of the prestigious ELITE program, a showcase of the best companies in its country.

ELITE, private market of the Borsa Italiana group, is the program which aims at companies of excellence that supports the process of organizational change, approaching capital markets to accelerate their growth, combining training, tutoring and company management preparation.

Only companies of excellence which comply with the turnover financial requirements, operating result and the qualitative criteria of high potential companies, they can become part of the ELITE network. The program uses the most prestigious Italian and international business schools for the training of the managerial class and a network of international investors and brokers for access to new sources of capital.

For SPI FINESTRE this historic result represents a leap forward to the entrepreneurial and managerial class, a stimulus for revision and organizational change that is part of the corporate growth project undertaken.

The investments that SPI is carrying out in its three production sites continue along this line, with the modernization of the plants in the Maierato (VV) headquarters that are taking place in these days and the simultaneous start-up of the new plant in Rottofreno (PC) .


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