Spi finestre and certified partnerships. With DFV the Qualicoat Seaside treatment becomes standard.

In the ongoing search for absolute models of excellence, Spi Finestre has always made use of the partnership with DFV, an international leader in the coating of extrusions and laminates that from 7 January 2021 introduced the new Qualicoat Seaside certified pre-painting treatment as standard.

The Qualicoat Seaside treatment consists of a pre-treatment through acid and alkaline pickling for the removal of the surface of the aluminum profiles (2.0 gr x m2 therefore double compared to the traditional one) intended for environments exposed to particular atmospheric conditions, pollutants or in marine habitats.

The Seaside treatment, guaranteeing greater removal of the aluminum surface, allows to obtain more performing products with more resistant and lasting qualities, allowing the total removal of dirt and impurities as well as guaranteeing the highest level of adherence of all types of paint branded in class 2, the highest standard in terms of resistance and durability over time.

Thanks to the raw materials and technology of Spi in collaboration with the quality of DFV treatments, our aluminum profiles are not only highly certified but also synonymous with being resistant to any corrosive phenomenon or pollutant.

Download the official DFV document


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