Security shutters: certified protection

The choice of a blind system must respond to a combination of different elements including functionality, security and design. The SPI proposal to this type of request translates into the security Shutters.



Perhaps not everyone knows that home burglaries recorded in Italy are around 689 a day or 29 every hour, 1 every 2 minutes. These data place our country at the 6th place in the European ranking for percentage of thefts and robberies at home. According to the data collected by Istat in recent years, 12% of break-in attempts are carried out by breaking and breaking windows. To propose a line of anti-intrusion doors and windows in our case of security shutters becomes first of all a duty concept, a real mission.


It is sad to admit, but unfortunately today we lives with an omnipresent sense of impotence. Feeling unprotected has become a widespread feeling. Not being obsessed with fear is important, but protecting your home is the first goal to feel safe. Choosing security shutters Spi guarantees maximum protection for your assets and loved ones.



SPI security shutters are an excellent solution against burglary. Tested and tested against shatterproof attempts, our security shutters hold high anti-burglary standards. The exclusive galvanized steel hardware increases the sturdiness of the aluminum structure, making every attempt to open forced.



A performing product is the result of the sum of its advantages. Precisely for this reason SPI security shutters are distinguished by all their anti-burglary advantages. The security hardware consists of 5 locking points, safety bolts that prevent the complete sliding out of the doors and steel reinforcements that make it impossible to remove the slats. Upper and lower bolts on semi-fixed doors enhance the anti-intrusion performance of our security shutters. The European cylinder lock guarantees high performance against the Bulgarian pick method and the key bumbing technique.



Resistance is a term that often recalls strength rather than beauty. In the case of security shutters, the two concepts are perfectly combined. Masters of design give life to a classy product, making security shutters truly unique pieces. Each piece can be customized in the wide range of wood-effect finishes and in all RAL colors.

Our security shutters adapt to any type of home, guaranteeing perfect blackout and a brightness dosage that responds to every need.

SPI’s response to this combination of strength and design translates into security shutters:

Lumia Quadra Sic

To conclude
Choosing Spi security shutters is not just a lifetime investment but above all a guarantee for life.

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