Our modern windows, between style and energy efficiency

Combine your SPI windows to your interiors

From simple openings to decor pieces, our modern windows are not just simple barriers between inside and outside but the achievement of beauty and balance. Therefore, each of them meets not only high technical and functional standards but they also stand out for their perfect detailed design. Each window by SPI is created and completed to reach the highest aesthetic level, transforming itself step by step, between colors, finishes and accessories, into the perfect modern window.

Windows and design: balance and functional details

High end materials and advanced manufacturing allow us to create know how products, but it is only thanks to brilliant and creative minds that our products are both functional and aesthetically perfect, our modern windows are indeed unique and original pieces and above all they are extremely versatile.

Each accessory carries out the style of our windows, be it classic or modern. Each window becomes a large surface ready to be drew as we best prefer, starting from handles and locks, through finishes, colors and of course the type of glass. Each element blends with the other to meet the most avant-garde design expectations with one goal: making our modern windows perfectly customizable.

Our handles: ordinary and extraordinary details

Practical, handy, ergonomic, low maintenance but above all beautiful, our handles meet high functional criteria that make them resistant and durable over the years. All our modern windows are equipped with a stylish handle. That’s why our handles have been studied and designed by following the most popular trends in terms of furniture and design.

Minimal inspiration: Our geometric and essential design handles combine perfectly with minimalist and modern interiors. Our modern handles range consist of the Toulon series, available as standard in white, silver and satin gold.

Rounded edges: Rounded shaped and smooth, our New York Handles are available on request, and they perfectly blend with elegant and classic rooms. They come in three colors and in different finishes such as white, black, brown. The satin version is available in gold, silver and bronze.

Tone on tone: as a further aesthetic touch, our windows are equipped with hinge covers in the same color as the handles. Every detail is designed and built to offer not only designer windows, but also exclusive and customized pieces united by the perfect combination of technology and craftsmanship.

All our modern windows are available in a bicolored version.

Modern windows: make your own palette!

Aluminum, resistance and creativity
Strong, resistant, durable but above all practical, aluminum is the major tribute to minimal style. Perfect for windows with a narrow design, it finds its greatest representation in our well known Alu series, the slim aluminum line; narrow ready to be customized in colors, finishes and shapes to best create our unique modern window. Each paint treatment is Qualicoat Seaside certified.

PVC, eco-friendly ideas
Ecological and eco-friendly, our PVC modern windows make our homes sustainable and give them an ethical and social statement, guaranteeing top thermal insulation. PVC windows mix with any type of interior design, they can be customized in various shapes and finishes by choosing from numerous wood effects, which faithfully represent the peculiarities of real trees.

A triumph of lines: Our slim modern windows

Practical and functional design windows
Our Slim aluminum series is a real tribute to essential and minimalist design. Simple, slim and free from superfluous elements, our modern windows from the Alu series are mainly designed to make rooms as bright as possible creating a picture frame effect and an illusional larger spaces impact.

Minimal details
The Alu Visio sliding series (link to Visio) is characterized by the low threshold (just 20mm) which facilitates access between inside and outside, while the technological feature of the Alu Compact line (link to Compact) lies in the greater glass surface and in the use of a special hidden hardware equipped with hinges that disappear in the profile while the sash is opened.

For the love of Glass

Another important design detail, also important for its insulating features is the glass installation. All our modern windows could be customized with different types of glass, each one with its own features. Selective glass, acoustic and reflective glass are among the most chosen. Furthermore, ornamental translucent glasses give a touch of creativity to windows and they ensure high privacy level.

Read our article on glass

The last impression: accessories 

All our modern windows achieve their uniqueness thanks also to all those details around them, which decorate and enrich their style. All our PVC windows can therefore be customized with the come matching accessories: boxes, top covers, interior blinds. Decorative elements for the glass (internal or external glass grides) curtains are also available on request.


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