Legality rating: we got 2 stars and a +

Spi Finestre receives the legality rating by getting the high score of two stars and a + issued by the Authority for Competition and Market AGCM.

What is the legality rating? It is a tool created to promote and establish the principles of ethical behavior of the Italian companies in the matter of legality and transparency through an evaluation index quantified in stars, in which one star represents the minimum acclaim and three stars equals the maximum instead .

What are the advantages? The legality rating certifies an ethical and transparent behavior of the company increasing its reputation as well as facilitating access to bank credit and the granting of concessions by public administrations.

How is the score calculated? In order to obtain the rating, it is essential that the company meets certain regulatory and non-regulatory requirements. The minimum score (1 star) is achieved by companies that possess essential minimum requirements while the highest rating (from two to three stars) is obtained thanks to the possession of six additional requirements. Each additional requirement is evaluated with a +, upon the reaching of 3 + you get a star.

How long does the legality rating last? The assigned rating lasts two years and is renewable on request.


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