Condensation is a phenomenon which occurs when water vapour in the atmosphere comes into contact with cold surfaces, turning from a gas to a liquid.

Condensation can be eliminated by ventilation and by maintaining the room at a constant temperature of 20/21 °C and a Relative Humidity (RH) of around 50-60%. Replacing old windows and doors can ensure better heat and sound insulation and also an economic saving on the gas bill by reducing the heat loss caused by poor air tightness. However, it also eliminates uncontrolled ventilation of the rooms. As is common knowledge, it is good hygiene to aerate the bedroom after you sleep at night, the kitchen after having cooked and the bathroom after having a shower.

All SPI windows and doors fitted with a tilt-and-down sash have a controlled ventilation system. Turning the handle to 45° allows you to change the internal air, even in winter, without excessive heat loss from inside the home.


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