From southern Italy, SPI responds to the request for help from an Emilian dairy company damaged by the earthquake

Purchasing a large batch of high quality Parmesan cheese otherwise meant to be thrown away! A solidarity action can also take on these guises, when there is an urgent need to restart the production activities of a dairy company severely damaged by an earthquake.

This is how SPI windows, the Italian leader in the sector of insulating doors and windows, with a production site in Calabria, responded to the request for help from an Emilian dairy brought to its knees by the earthquake of 20 May.

It all began with the media hype triggered by the facebook page of a RAI radio broadcast dedicated to food and wine. Within a few days an extraordinary chain of solidarity emerged that left the dairy itself incredulous.

SPI, particularly active in communication via the web, promptly responded to the dairy’s appeal to purchase the Parmesan cheese poured into the premises affected by the earthquake to facilitate its evacuation, an operation necessary for restoring the equipment and restarting production.

SPI has ordered a large quantity of parmesan wheels damaged by the earthquake, but excellent to be consumed, which will be divided into pieces of one kilogram each to be given to employees and business partners.


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