SPI FINESTRE for the preservation of biodiversity with the project “Pollinate the Planet”

If the bee disappears from the surface of the Earth, man would have no more than four years left to live.” (Albert Einstein)

Climate change seems to be an inevitable phenomenon today and every possibility of change is on our hands. In addition to the excessive use of harmful pesticides, climate change is one of the main causes of the deaths of bees and pollinators. As we all know, bees are fundamental for our eco-system since they are responsible for 70% of the pollinations of all plant species on the planet beside being vital for the preservation of bio-diversity and the production of several crops by guaranteeing 80% of the food we eat every day.

Hence, the enviromental policy of our brand committed to the save the bees project by 3Bee, the italian agri-tech start-up that develops “Hive tech” technologies for monitoring and diagnostics of bee’s health. A combination of biology and electronics which in the last two years has involved 250,000 people through the “Pollinate the planet” sustainability project.

By becoming a 3Bee partner we have chose to finance a true beekeeping oasis, by purchasing hives equipped with modern monitoring technologies and actively supporting a bee-keeping company in our Calabrian territory.

Our new bee-keeping oasis SPI Save the Queen Bee, equipped with a customized tag, is real heaven for bees, it is in fact, immersed in an uncontaminated wood high in nectar sources for the rebalancing of eco-systems and ensuring pasture for pollinators. Our new oasis is both natural and techonogical, thanks to the Hive-Tech 3Bee monitoring kit it is possible to receive information on our bees’ health condition and growth, besides being able to learn, in real time, the quantity of newly adopted hives at our oasis, the number of pollinated flowers and the melliferous potential for the production of Italian and organic honey entirely made from the bees of our hives.

Bees are not only essential bugs for our eco-system but  their honey is continually under threat from climate change as well as from counterfeiting. We are pleased to invite all of you to take part in the 3bee project, thus expanding the family of our “Save the Queen Bee” oasis. Through the following link https://oasi.3bee.com/SPI you can adopt or give one or more hives, choosing the area of preference and the amount of honey to receive.

By adopting a hive from our Oasis, in addition to receiving handmade honey entirely produced by the hive itself, you will receive a certificate of adoption and access via QR code or App to our company apiary where you can monitor the interactive hives map and all data regarding thermoregulation, sounds, and weight of the hives.

Help us boosting our company apiary. With a small annual contribution you can join us in our challenge against climate change since every chance for improvement depends just on us.

In the attached certificate, you can access the current state of the “SPI Save the Queen Bee” oasis with your mobile devices, using the QR code and you can monitor all the technical information and graphics relating to the condition of the company apiary.

Scan the QR code to know, in real time, the state of our bee-keeping oasis.


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