Make a “personal” contribution to support young researchers engaged in the very delicate field of Cerebral Stroke. It is with this spirit that SPI, the Italian leader in the window and door sector with headquarters in Calabria, joined the fourth edition of the Hipponion Stroke National Prize, fully funding one of the three scholarships in competition for the best original research works. , clinical and experimental, on the Cerebral Stroke.

The Hipponion Stroke National Prize is a biennial competition chaired by Dr. Domenico Consoli, reserved for researchers of any age and nationality, which has become a leading event in the national scientific panorama. The Prize will be awarded on 27 October in Vibo Valentia during the 1st National Consensus Conference “Gray areas in the management of Cerebrovascular Diseases”, which will take place from 26 to 28 October 2012, at Hotel 501.

In the three days dedicated to the congress, the leading experts in the sector will meet with the aim of discussing and resolving all doubts relating to the diagnostic and therapeutic approach of cerebral stroke in cases in which the patient is a carrier of non-standardized clinical conditions, and the neurologist is faced with choices not contemplated in the official medical protocols. In this context and in the presence of real authorities in the medical field in question, the research works in competition will be presented and the Hipponion Stoke National Prize will be awarded to the three finalists on 27 October.

For the occasion, the President of Spi, Francesco Mangione, will have the pleasure of personally delivering the award, in the name of the company, to the third-ranked researcher, who will thus be able to benefit from a scholarship to support his research activity.

The initiative is part of the already extensive portfolio of activities undertaken by Spi Windows in support of social, cultural and local development.


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