PVC windows: all info you should consider before choosing

Are you considering to replace your windows and doors and have you heard of the excellent quality / price ratio of PVC window frames? Keep on reading and we’ll give you all the elements to make a conscious and reasoned choice that allows you to evaluate which product is right for you and meets your needs.


PVC is an abbreviation for polyvinyl chloride. It is one of the most versatile plastic materials, a factor that makes it one of the most used in the building sector. It consists of 57% salt and 43% oil. It is resistant to acids, it is not subject to mold and bacteria, it does not absorb water, it is fireproof and self-extinguishing, both rigid and flexible artifacts can be obtained. And, a fundamental characteristic in the field of doors and windows, it is a natural thermal cut, which is an excellent thermal insulator.

Thanks to its high ductility and exceptional versatility it is easy to work with and therefore also economical: in fact it is used not only for windows, but also for making pipes, gutters, external coverings, covers, cable ducts.


Due to the characteristics of PVC, PVC windows have the advantage of being:

  • medium light
  • durable over time
  • resistant to fire, water and steam
  • insulators from both thermal and acoustic point of view
  • not subject to condensation
  • versatile and customizable
  • easy to maintain

In a nutshell, PVC windows have high performance and an excellent quality / price ratio.


However, as often happens, the frame being made of PVC is not enough to guarantee the installation of a quality product, and, above all, that it is the most suitable product for the characteristics of our house. The choice of windows and doors must take into account different considerations: firstly, the size and exposure.

If you prefer large windows in fact it could be necessary to evaluate the mechanical resistance of the window, in these cases an aluminum or aluminum-wood window could be a better choice, because of the greater mechanical resistance of aluminum compared to PVC.

PVC also has a high expansion and even if the high quality PVC windows are fortified inside the profile with a steel core, if the expected exposure is particularly intense, even in this case it could be preferable to another type of window, especially if you prefer dark colors.

Finally, but this applies to all types of products, it is essential to rely on specialized companies, which are based on high quality materials in respect of the environment, and which build windows guaranteed by tests and certified controls, thanks to innovative techniques and step by step with the times. Only in this way can you be sure that you have made a good investment both in economic terms, in terms of energy savings, and in terms of duration and comfort


Versatility and ease of processing of the material makes PVC window frames a highly customizable product: the final appearance of the window can really adapt to the style of your home, thanks to the wide range of colors and finishes, which allow you to create the wood effect.
It is then possible to add advantages from the point of view of safety, as in the case of anti-burglary PVC windows.


The monochrome PVC windows are generally the cheapest model, but we shouldn’t be satisfied with the usual white: the range of modern colors is really remarkable, thanks also to the use of films and RAL colors. Look at our models Isol70 Q and Isol70 C.


If you want your windows to adapt perfectly both to the external facade and to the interior of your home, or you have to respect condominium constraints that strongly condition you in the choice of exterior colors but you don’t want to renounce to have windows in line with your personal taste, you can opt for bicolored PVC frames. The best performing solutions are those that combine PVC and aluminum, with aluminum outside and PVC inside. Learn more about our model Isol70 Q Mix.


The use of special films allows the creation of the so-called “wood effect” that perfectly reproduces the veins and nuances of different essences, such as cedar gray, cherry, walnut, in various shades of color. This solution will allow you to give your fixtures the warm and unique look of wood, without sacrificing the ease of PVC maintenance. All our pvc models can be made in wood effect: choose the model that’s right for you.


These are PVC frames with anti-break-in frame, hinges that prevent window lifting and anti-burglary glass. On our models we offer multi-point burglar-proof hardware installed around both the main and secondary doors for maximum protection against intrusion attempts and safety glass.


PVC window maintenance is the simplest thing you can imagine: a soft cloth to remove dust and a neutral detergent for the toughest dirt. No expensive products to apply periodically or special precautions. Fantastic, isn’t it?


In the field of PVC processing, enormous steps have been taken and the modern PVC windows do not involve any health risk or environmental problems. On the contrary, thanks to the excellent thermal insulation performance of PVC windows, do your pocket and the environment a favor, greatly reducing energy consumption to heat or cool rooms.

And if you want to ensure zero indoor pollution the answer is our Isol Plus model, a product with high acoustic thermal insulation performance, with unique features:

  • eco-friendly regenerated pvc, 100% recyclable and completely free of heavy and harmful metals such as lead, barium, cadmium and tin replaced by eco-compatible compounds based on calcium and zinc
  • pvc structure 7 chambers
  • system with double gasket or system with double gasket and central fin seal
  • selective low-emission glasses with Argon gas
  • warm edge
  • Thickness glass up to 48mm


As already mentioned, a high performance product is not enough to guarantee maximum results. If you want to make the best choice, our advice is not to rely just on the price, but to request an evaluation based on the characteristics of your home and your consumption styles. You can ask for it here for free.

Finally, installation is worth 50% of the final result: an excellent window that is not properly installed can only make useless the investment made. Place your trust in professional and qualified companies, such as our official dealers, who will not only be able to advise you in the best way during the quotation phase, but will also carry out an installation in an impeccable way.


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