Protection from burglary

Security is an important aspect of our life and our home is the place where we should feel the safest. Intrusion is always a traumatic event in a person’s life and can lead to negative consequences, not only of economical but also of psychological nature, as it disturbs the serenity in our home.

From now, SPI window and doors give you maximum protection at home thanks to the new, integrated, concealed intrusion detection system.
The system is wireless and therefore does not require any masonry work as it is completely integrated within the window and signals when the window or door is opened. The system can be fitted with a voice warning alert, an external siren and other accessories in order to make it a real alarm system.
For further information visit: Intrusion detection system Silentron

Furthermore, SPI offers 4 different solutions to ensure the necessary protection and degree of security to your home.

Security Levels





Security mechanisms

Locks on semi-fixed sash

Sash locking pin

Burglary-proof mushroom locking pin

Handle with button

Handle with key

Contacts of the alarm



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