Our recycled and recyclable packaging

Essential to protect windows during transport, our packaging, in addition of having anti-shock and 100% cushioning properties, is made of recycled and recyclable material and is therefore eco-sustainable.

Driven by continuous search for an eco-friendly and respectful approach to the planet, we rely on shockproof packaging solutions which offer a green alternative to cardboard coatings and their disposable culture. All NMC packaging profiles are mainly composed of reusable material whose recyclability percentage is tested by Polycert Europe, the technical platform that validates and certifies the level of recycled quantity in polymers. All our packaging solutions employ light profiles without fixings and this allows us to avoid wasting space during shipments in order to make fewer trips, reducing by far the exhausts of transporation means.

Each SPI window from its creation, through transport and until its installation, requires the use of highly sustainable standards, guaranteeing innovation and at the same time contributing to build virtuous paths for the environment and for future generations.


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