What makes SPI PVC windows environmentally friendly?

The technology used in the extrusion of PVC profiles enabled the complete elimination of lead (a material which is harmful for the environment) as a stabiliser. Instead of it we use environmentally friendly calcium and zinc stabilisers. Today, this new profile generation already meets the environmental needs of the future in anticipation of the voluntary agreement between the PVC companies which expires in 2010 / 2015 (2010 50% reduction in the use of lead stabilisers, 2015 total abolition of lead).

In what way do SPI insulating windows help protect the environment?

All SPI windows and doors consistently reduce heat loss thus leading to the reduction in energy consumption for both heating and cooling the home. This reduces carbon dioxide emission with positive effects on the environment.

Are SPI windows and doors covered by a warranty?

Every SPI product is covered by a special insurance policy signed with Fondiaria Sai which insures against any damage caused by manufacturing defects.

How are SPI windows and doors transported?

SPI windows and doors are delivered by a fleet of trucks owned by the company, which deliver daily throughout Italy. Direct management ensures the quality and timeliness of deliveries.

What is PVC exactly?

PVC (or Polyvinyl Chloride) is a thermal plastic material produced from natural raw materials (chlorine obtained by breaking down molecules of sodium chloride found in sea salt and oil). PVC is one of the most adaptable, insulating and widely used plastics and is highly resistant. Furthermore, PVC is a non-flammable material.

What is ‘low emissivity’ glass?

Low emissivity glass is a glass coated with metal oxide which greatly improves the heat insulation performance of the window or door without substantially changing the light transmission performance. Therefore, the use of low emissivity glass enables the reduction of the Uw value.

What does the Uw value of windows and doors indicate?

The Uw value indicates the quantity of energy (heat) which passes through the window per square metre in one hour. The lower the Uw value of a window or door, the lower the flow of energy which escapes (heat loss). Therefore, the lower the Uw value of a window or door, the greater its thermal insulation capacity (both from cold and heat).

What should I do to maintain the quality and appearance of SPI windows and doors over time?

All SPI windows and doors are made to last. However, a number of steps can be taken to help maintain the characteristics such as:

  • clean the window or door using neutral detergents, do not use abrasive materials or products;
  • clean the gaskets 2 or 3 times a year with lubricating materials which restore elasticity;
  • periodically grease the mechanisms of the fittings
  • adjust the fittings in the event of malfunction;
  • clean the glass with multiuse cleaning products or water and vinegar.
Can SPI windows help me resolve condensation problems?

All SPI windows are designed to try to keep the temperature of the glass the same as that of the room as much as possible, thus reducing condensation. It is also recommended to control the degree of air humidity in the room. With this regard SPI tilt-and-turn or, even better, controlled ventilation windows (windows with perimeter fittings) significantly help to prevent condensation.

What causes the problem of condensation?

Condensation (transpiration) is a natural phenomenon caused by excessive humidity in the air of an enclosed space. When the humid air comes into contact with cold surfaces (glass, hinges, handles etc.) the vapour is condensed into micro drops thus forming condensation.

How can I become a dealer of SPI products?

If you are a retailer and you want to become a member of the SPI Business Partner family, we invite you to contact one of our local Agents by visiting the following company website: www.spifinestre.it and clicking ‘become a DEALER’.

How can I find out the prices of SPI windows and doors?

Request a free quote at one of the SPI points of sale which can be found throughout Italy. To find out where your nearest dealer is, call the free phone number 800 063043.

How can I get more information on SPI products?

Visit the Products section on our website www.spifinestre.it, contact one of our local dealers, or call the free phone number 800 063043.

Is the quality of SPI products certified?

Every product is subject to rigorous tests at the best accredited certification institutes to certify SPI’s high quality standards. The company’s quality system is certified according to the UNI EN ISO 14.001 standard.

How can I find out where my nearest SPI dealer is?

To find out where your nearest SPI dealer is, visit the section Search for Dealers on the website www.spifinestre.it or call the free phone number 800 063043.


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