Energy saving

Home energy saving is linked to window and door frames.

To improve home discomfort from external temperatures and move away from air conditioning systems which often require masonry work as well as the small portable conditioning units which, although convenient, are not very effective and may lead to high energy consumption, SPI offers its windows with low emissivity glass and high heat insulation, which ensures optimal protection from the sun and heat in summer and from the cold, wind and bad weather conditions in winter.

Windows influence the internal climate and the energy balance in an essential way and this is why they are so important for our well-being. Energy-saving windows ensure an optimal internal climate all year round. SPI windows with heat insulation glass ensure that the surface temperatures of the frame and the glass are close to that of the internal environment, thus avoiding any unpleasant climatic changes.

Strategic positioning of the windows taking into account the north-south orientation of the walls and the roof, allows for optimal natural ventilation.

A further contribution is given by the application of external curtains and blinds which contribute to retaining the heat in winter and keep the heat out in the summer months.

For south-facing facades which are particularly exposed to the sun, especially in warm weather areas, special protection from overheating of the internal environment is necessary for lowering energy costs of air conditioning.


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