EPD Environmental Product Declaration

Always putting our commitment to the enviroment front and center of our business we keep on creating sustainable products with a minimal environmental impact through mostly possible green and recycling procedures.

Purchasing SPI Finstre means not only ensuring your house insulating and long lasting windows but it also implies protecting the enviroment by lowering CO2 emissions and avoiding energy waste.

All our PVC windows own the EPD certificate (Environmental Product Declaration), an international document (compliant with the standard ISO 14025) which provides information about the eviromental impact of a product throughout its life cycle, making the product respond to major environmental guidlines and restriction for constrction Industry. EPD is a III type environmental certification based on LCA (Life Cycle Assesment) methodoloy through the analysis of every part of a product life cycle, from raw materials employ and their manufacturing process to distribution, use and disposal.

Scarica la Dichiarazione Ambientale Prodotto SPI FINESTRE


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