Californian Villa

Once again Spi is on the go!

Last project in the amazing USA west coast where we carried out an amazing architectural accomplishment.

For such a Villa in the hearth of California perfection is the rule. A contemporary style house where huge windows gives a stunning visual impact on its façade for a sensational first impression. Balanced proportions, essential lines perfectly match with the minimal slides through which light plays the top role. Each windows enhances the elegant furniture design by creating a sophisticate atmosphere.

The slimmer frames amplify the mesmerizing view. Top energy efficiency and minimal design are the main features of the aluminium windows Trial Val Q, forty-five masterpieces (slides, casement and basement), all customized in bicolored version silver/white.

Enriching the place of living by fitting in a proper style is crucial to us, especially in  a case like this where settling for perfection is the main goal.


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