Wood effect

Wood effect is always a great effect! 

Great deals on the wood effect colors of our aluminium, aluminium wood windows and slidings
Here below you can find the Sensation promo on our wood effect features:

– Aluminium wood windows :  20 euros surcharge only.
– Aluminium windows interior frame: 10 euros surcharge only.
– Aluminium window exterior frame: 20 euros surcharge only.
– Aluminium slidings: 30 euros surcharge only.

For istance: wood effect colors on our  aluminium wood windows will cost only 30 euros more than the same window just in white color RAL 9010. Get ready, the promo is valid until 31/12/2021.

For more info just fill out the form!

* Different surcharges will be applied on our lift and sliding products.
** Here below the wood effect colors and shades on promo:

  • Noce Renol DD70
  • Ciliegio Renol DD71
  • Ciliegio Rosso DD45
  • White Oak DD84
  • Verde Decò DD49

Aluminum Colors in Promo

DD70 Ezy Noce Renol

DD88 Ezy Ciliegio Gold

DD45 Ezy Ciliegio Rosso

DD84 Ezy White Oak

DD87 Ezy Verde Venato

Purely indicative color tone pictures.


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