The slim aluminium window


Nowadays the contemporary living concept is quite overturned if compared to the past. The ongoing construction process keeps on progress almost the same apartment interior structures, which consist of quite wide living open spaces and smaller and smaller sleeping rooms. In order to such an interior planimetry, everything has to be the least obstructive . Our slim aluminium windows are the best choice to adapt to modern new apartments due to its narrow frame and the invisible hardware. Many young couples can olny afford teeny city flat, they work,they raise their kids and they look for simplicty to keep the house comfy and clean. The slim alu window is the perfect deal to mix simplicity and brightness. It requires no maintainace and it is easy to care for.


The facade of a house leaves a lasting first impression and windows make an important statement. The slim aluminium window  perfectly matches with all kind of construction coatings (wood, concrete, steel,  stone finish) thanks to its purist approach to all buildings. It perfectly blends in contemporary house facades where classical elements mix with modern ones. From the fashionable attic to the nature embedded house the slim aluminium window ensures the perfect minimalist easthetic concept. It is also entirably suitable for geomteric and overlapping business complex.


Furnishing or refurbishnig? It is never easy, what we know is that less is more! Decorating small rooms is not that easier, indeed it is quite complexed. Living in a studio or an alcove means keep the space the most empty, it is a real challenge. Why not to start from the walls? Our slim aluminium window occupies a very little space and it perfectly integrates in the concrete walls. The hidden hinges are perfectly intcorporated into the frame and no hardware component is visible when the window is closed.  Balanced proportions and essential lines make clear the surfaces. The slim aluminium window can fit in every furnture style house. It perfectly matches in both urban and industrial design rooms; exposed brick walls and steel accesories can combine with the black matt texture of the frames. The window white and grey colors mix up with the smooth and organic scandinavian design pieces and clear shades. It becomes a real artwork. Furthermore, all the slim aluminium windows are available in wooden effect texture so they are also suitable for colonial and farmhouse. Its minimalist structure elimnates any barriers. Only the slim alu window creates a connection with the outdoor surrounds.  According to us windows are the starting point to inspire all pieces of furniture.


The slim aluminium window consists of a narrow and clean frame with a concealed hardware unit. It ensures extreme energy efficiency performances, enhanced by its selective low e-argon glasses. It comes in two different sash models Retrò is the sash inspired by classical and minimal steel windows and Ferro is more like the traditional square ones. The glass plays the top role and it can be chosen in a variety of tipologyes.  Our slim aluminium window can be accesoriazed with security blocks and security glasses.


Our slim aluminium window is well known as Alu Compact, essential and perfectly versatile.

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