PVC window colors: choose the color of your windows from an infinite range of variations and finishes

How to choose the colors of pvc windows


Billy Baldwin had always claimed that the first rule in interior designing is that you can almost break all the rules. A real genius, an interior decorator as he expected to be called rather than an interior designer, who totally overturned the furniture concept in the first half of last century. How not agree? A home atmosphere is the result of our emotions combined with the personal taste of each of us. Our pvc window colors speak clearly, each one of them arouses an aesthetic interest, a feeling, a memory or a mix of all of them.


Again, returning to our dear Billy Baldwin, what he always used to repeat to his clients who wanted to redecorate was that it was not necessary to throw out everything and start over again. As for him, it was a tremendous mistake. We should just leave what we like and adapt the rest to that piece of furniture. And that’s exactly what happens with our pvc window colors. They let themselves to be picked and they blend to the rest. Each color can create a style, ecletic and out of rules or well defined. Replacing our windows, picking the texture we like the most is just a small step to renovate our house style. A little initiative, maybe, in terms of furnishing, but a real inspiration source to personalize each room.


How many of us when thinking of a pvc window, we just figure a beautiful white one, maybe not that clear due to the constant hand contact for opening and closing it. We are a lot, as we are so many having some of these models installed in our houses. This is amazing, you know, the white is a bit like parsley, it suits anywhere. But to how many of us, white pvc winodws vaguely remind of hospital wards? It is ironic, just kidding. White pvc windows are classical and elegant, they maybe need a bit of extraordinary caring but nothing that takes too long. Our pvc window colors are a lot, if using an euphemism. It is an infinte wide range, we can admit. Many, too many to confuse, even, the most firm customer, not to talk about women!


Have you ever heard of the Gray Cedar shades. If yes congrats to your knowledge! Our pvc window colors are really infinite and all achievable. What completes the aesthetic side but most of all the feeling of touch is the finish. And even in this case  we can go crazy: picking from the veined effect to the smooth one. Choosing a pvc window means creating a customized object as you like it, just like a suit. Relying on us is like putting yourself in the hands of a tailor. Once the product is finished you can only love it.


Holding a pvc window colors bunch make us feeling like kids. Who wouldn’t want an Ultramarine nice window? The kids of course! They would love a blu walls bedroom with drawn fishes on them. They wouldn’t get out of the room any longer! We guarantee! A beautiful natural Walnut color would be lovely in the mountain cottage, it would mix perfectly with the dark walnut kitchen. And for a Scandinavian furniture style a strong and smooth Basalt Grey would combine with the living room geometrich shapes. Then, when it comes to shabby chic decoration the Light Ivory and the Cream would blend best with the upholstery pastel tones and the row wood of the vintage cupboards.


A wide range of RAL colors to be picked means giving tone to our rooms, daring and keeping in mind that there are no rules, as our dear Baldwin used to say. And what about our exterior frame colors? Once again, we find ourselves holding the color bunch, ready to choose. Creating a bicolored window means giving a personality to the facade of our house, we can pick the tone that best fits our apartment outside style, the Decor Brown, for instance, for the stone facades or the Black to counter the total white walls. Our pvc window colors wouldn’t disappoint anybody, they are too many!

Colors, bicolors, effects, nuances, in short a universe to choose from the colors of  Spi pvc windows. Without ever forgetting what Baldwin said, ” The full atmosphere or mood of a room could never be achieved, without an “enormous personal manifestation”.


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