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Why picking a sliding window? Guide to our plus.
What to know

Why picking a sliding window? Guide to our plus.

7 August 2018

ScorrevoliDecorating, especially when it comes to a big house, is not a simple mission, but choosing a sliding window is the first step to combine style and brightness.


Plus of our sliding windows

Easy and fast to be opened, our sliding windows are an excellent deal for big room overlooking terraces or patios. Te large glazing installed on refined wood frames allow a significant entry of light and more air passing through.  Perfect for optimizing spaces, Spi sliding windows make rooms wider and give a sense of continuity between inside and outside.


A long lasting deal

Thanks to their minimal structure, the Spi sliding windows do not require any maintenance. The small amount of hardware used makes the product poorly exposed to wear and therefore durable over time and easy to clean. Perfectly insulating, our sliding windows prevent any infiltration of water withstanding the worst weather conditions.


Like in a museum

Nothing makes a difference in a room as an imposing wooden window, a real artwork that comes to life from the hands of masters of design. Studied to last detail, our sliding perfectly combine with refined and elegant furniture style. Choosing matching handles and particular finish is a unique way to create customized and original pieces.

To conclude

Even our sliding windows meet all the A + VOC certification criteria, which attests the total lack of emission of harmful organic substances.


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