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  • passion for 100% made-in-Italy quality


    passion for 100% made-in-Italy quality

    Every SPI window is the result of the properly Italian passion for quality, a passion that is expressed throughout the production process, from the selection of materials up to the delivery of the finished product.
    Only the best, most robust raw materials that are free from harmful substances become components of SPI windows and doors, which are manufactured entirely in Italy. Every SPI window is individually packaged with extreme care so it is protected from possible damage and transported by own trucks to ensure maximum attention and on-time deliveries.
  • craftsmanship passion and attention to detail


    craftsmanship passion and attention to detail

    Every SPI window represents the work of 150 people who work with care and craftsmanship passion every day. This allows them to put on the market a product of excellence, tailor-made with the upmost attention to style details and highly customizable in terms of type, size and colour.
  • meeting every housing need


    meeting every housing need

    Due to their distinctive features, every SPI windows series has been created to meet a precise housing need. Our full range of products, our expertise and our technical know-how gained over the years enable SPI to satisfy every kind of market request, with regards to aesthetic, functional or energy saving needs.
  • continuous innovation


    continuous innovation

    A passion for quality and a desire for continuous improvement drive the Company to constantly invest in Research and Development in order to support the development of cutting-edge design solutions in line with market needs, according to the most innovative aesthetic criteria. Highly qualified personnel work in every department and are constantly involved in on-going training projects in order to become a driving force for innovation inside the company.
  • certified and clear quality


    certified and clear quality

    All SPI windows have performance certificates issued by the best accredited certification institutes as provided for by Italian law.
    In addition, production samples are subject to stringent “internal” tests which check water tightness, air permeability and resistance to wind load to verify that the performance of the windows daily manufactured always match with the certification classes obtained at the external test institutes.
    SPI windows have been awarded the CE marking obtained according to the ITT direct method, the only method attesting that what has been certified through CE marking corresponds to the real performance of the windows manufactured by the company.
  • putting the customer at the centre


    putting the customer at the centre

    The overall organisation is committed to meeting the needs of its customers daily by offering high quality windows and doors, a perfect service, a network of dealers with proven professionalism and expertise all over Italy.
    A vast range of after-sales assistance services and a customer care department support the sale of SPI windows and doors to guarantee maximum customer satisfaction.
  • protecting the environment


    protecting the environment

    SPI is sensitive to the issue of protecting the environment, and for this reason production decisions are influenced by eco-sustainability, starting with the selection of non-harmful materials.
    SPI finestre pays particular attention to the material disposal and re-cycling policies.
  • creating energy-saving products


    creating energy-saving products

    SPI window and doors ensure high energy saving, due to the certified high performances of thermal and acoustic insulation.
    The insulation power of SPI windows provides a concrete reduction in energy consumption for both heating and cooling your home.
    All SPI windows meet the requirements for obtaining the 55% tax deduction provided by the Italian State in case of replacement of old windows.
  • social accountability


    social accountability

    SPI has become aware of its responsibilities as an engine of progress. For this reason we are constantly engaged in all fields of activity that can favour social improvement and support projects for the development of the territory and the environment, art and culture.


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