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12 February 2020

What is the NFRC? How important is to get NFRC Certification?

The NFRC (National Fenstration Rating Council) is a non profit organizations which promotes certified labelling for windows, door and skylight manufactures through multiple energy performance ratings providing future customers with a reliable way to compare energy efficient windows.

An NFRC label classifies energy efficient windows in 4 main categories giving rating for: U Factor, Solar Heat Gain Coefficient, Visible Transmittance, Air Leakage plus another optional component called Air Condensation.

Our company recently received the NFRC label certificate on the Alu Compact tilt and turn casement aluminum serie, with excellent ratings.

What Features make Alu Compact an NFRC certified window serie?

Alu Compact is an aluminum thermal break system, with a selective Low E Argon filled temperate double glazing with warm edge, a glass cavity of 30mm and EPDM sealing gasket. Despite its minimalist frame Alu Compact windows ensure a strong weather resistance. The particular coating glass reduces heat loss from the inside, and keeps the house cool during summer.

Why is so important to buy NFRC certified products?

Purchasing an NFRC window is crucial, on the american market, for houseoweners who want to ensure themselves a long lasting and extremely insulating product.

The NFRC labels address to important criteria that contribuite to project and build a zero waste home starting from energy saving in order to lower expenses and minimize the enviromental impact.

How to read the NFRC categories:

U Factor: It measures heat loss from inside the room, the lower the number the lower the likey heating bills.

Solar Heat Gain Coefficient: it measures the quantity of outdoor heat entering inside, the lower the number the lower the cooling expenses.

Visible Transmittance: it measures the amount of daylight passing through, the lower the number the more natural light can enter the house.

Air Leakage: it measures the air coming from outside, the lower the number the lower the drafts and the heating expenses.

Condensation Resistance: it measures the condensation level, the higher the number the less condensation will form on the glass.



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