Heat insulation

Heat insulation means insulating a building from external temperatures, both in winter and in summer.
The difference between the temperature of the perimeter surfaces and the internal climate of a building should remain at around +/- 3 °C. If this value is exceeded, it feels as if there is an air current inside the internal spaces, especially near the walls.
The indicator for measuring heat loss from building elements is represented by the thermal transmittance index, also known as the U value.
The lower the U value, the less energy will be lost and consequently there will be better heat insulation.
Good heat insulation guarantees many benefits, such as:

  • a reduction in heat loss;
  • a comfortable climate in internal rooms;
  • a reduction of heating costs.

In order to stop wasting energy and reduce heating costs, a very important role is also played by the windows and doors.
SPI provides a wide range of highly insulating windows and doors, fitted with high performance structures and low emissivity glass which ensure high levels of heat insulation.
Furthermore, for the New Dual series which is made out of aluminium and wood, SPI has designed a heat kit which improves the thermal performance of the window or door according to the climate.


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