Friends of the sea

Did you know that one in two turtles has ingested plastic? Did you also know that around 40,000 turtles die each year trapped in fishermen’s nets? Now you know!

On Saturday 1 June, some of our collaborators led by our CEO Tommaso Mangione happily gave up their day off to marry a good cause: help the Sea Turtle Recovery Center in Brancaleone. Despite the tiredness due to an intense working week, enthusiasm has always prevailed and our boys have accomplished an extraordinary mission, lending their time and their work completely free of charge to replace all the fixtures in the center that paid, by now , in dilapidated conditions that compromised the safety of the hospitalized turtles.

The Brancaleone Sea Turtle Recovery Center is located in one of the main nesting sites of the Common or Caretta Caretta turtle, the most widespread species in the Mediterranean and now in danger of extinction. The center, which acts as a real hospital for the treatment and rehabilitation of sea turtles, is managed on a non-profit basis by the Onlus Blue Conservancy. The association has so far saved, cared for and returned to the sea about 600 specimens of turtles. Not receiving any subsidies, the volunteers of the center finance themselves by organizing fundraisers, trying to raise awareness in the community by promoting activities such as Eco Campus, guided tours, educational projects. Unfortunately, resources are often scarce and volunteers are forced to give the turtles only and only a dignified death.

We discovered the existence of this center almost by chance and we were struck by the extraordinary work done by Tania and Filippo, their mission from today will also be ours. It will be our commitment, for the future, to collaborate with the center and try to sensitize the local community and beyond.

We invite you to take part in the inauguration of the center this Thursday, we will be present and we will do everything possible to attract the attention of everyone, especially the media. The Brancaleone Sea Turtle Recovery Center needs all of us!

Renewing our solidarity commitment to the environment does not only mean marrying a just cause, but wanting the good of an entire community, protecting the fauna and flora of our territory, safeguarding the future of our planet.

Solidarity is important, it is the animals that teach us this. Never forget it.


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