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The exterior window shutters
What to know

The exterior window shutters

5 April 2018

When days seem endless and stuff to do increase, when stress become our best friend our only desire is to go home and shut the world outside. Sure, but not too much! And here you go the solution. A sunday afternoon spent resting on the couch and a small amount of light filtering from the shutters can only give our senses what they need: relaxation. Our exterior window shutters are not just blind windows but ways of living the home, ensuring comfort and intimacy.

 Spi exterior window shutters:

Fixa Quadra

Fixa Quadra is the squared design and historical hardware exterior window shutter. Its retrò style reminds of the historical building shutters. Fixa Quadra is also perfect for rustic farmhouses and country houses. The exterior window shutters of the Fixa line, also available with modern hardware, perfectly blend with the contemporary design villas. Each color makes Fixa shutters unique, the Effecta White color blends divinely with the new geometrically designed houses and the total white façade, while the Effecta Green color is an excellent solution for offices interior furnishing  and school complexes. The exterior window shutters of the Fixa line are available with fixed or closed slats.

Lumia Quadra 

Lumia Quadra is the exterior window shutters composed of adjustable slats, allowing to dose the desired amount of light. Lumia Quadra perfectly satisfies the need for home privacy but not leaving out the visual comfort. The historical hardware combines best with the traditional style villas. The exterior window shutters  of the Lumia line stand out for their squared design, synonymous with order and modernity, perfect when combined with exposed stone cladding houses or mountain chalets, unique in completing a Shabby decor, especially if chosen in the shades of Ivory or Matt Gray.

Lumia Quadra Sic

Lumia Quadra Sic is the aluminum shutter that combines the aesthetic aspect with the criteria of protection and safety. It is characterized by its lock with key and special security guards. The steel hardware consists of 5 locking points, which totally prevent the sashes from slipping out, as well as steel reinforcements that block the removal of the slats. Upper and lower bolts increase the safety performance of the exterior window shutters of the Lumia Quadra Sic line.

Eclissa Quadra

Eclissa Quadra is the exterior window shutter that stands out for the historical hardware and the espagnolette lock. With its traditional style with references to vintage, Eclissa Quadra enhances the facades of colonial style houses, especially in the Effecta Green tonality and combined with a black Matt hardware. The exterior window shutters of the Eclissa line are characterized by their retro style, perfect in shades of blue to complete the facade of a Greek style seaside villa.

Eclissa scuro

Eclissa Scuro is the exterior window shutter with a rustic design that remind of the traditional blinds style. It consists of historic hardware and a special concealed hinge wiyh wall support. The exterior window shutters of the Eclissa Scuro line, which can be realized in the wood-effect colors, enhance the beauty of country houses and farms. Our shutters are also an excellent solution for small houses, attics or maisonettes.

All our exterior window shutters enrich particular types of façades, combining various natural and architectural elements. Each model is unique and original. The different colors are combined with different styles of furniture. Our exterior window shutters complete the way of living at home, guaranteeing intimacy and brightness together.