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Energy efficient windows
What to know

Energy efficient windows

2 February 2018

If you think about Alaskan houses what do you figure? Igloos? Nothing more wrong. Alaskan houses are big, rustic on the outside but trendy inside. The average winter temperature in Alaska is around -7 and 0 degrees but it can fall below -30 and sometimes below -60 and the light hours are 6 per day. Therefore, living in a Igloo wouldn’t be that appropriate unless it comes to hunters all covered with fur clothing! Living in a house or working in an office during the daylight and get only six light hours x day could be harsh sometimes. Light passing through windows becomes a precious source so why not exploit all its power. Choosing energy efficient windows is the first step to ensure our house a cozy temperature keeping cold outside and avoiding heat loss. Low e-Argon gas filled glazing let a great amount of light passing through by ensuring increased protection against UV. So what kind of energy efficient windows can be suitable for a rustic and trendy Alaskan house?

Three possibilities would reveal perfectly suitable for an Alaskan House.


Our aluminium windows Trial Val Q are provided with a polyamide barrier installation and a thermal kit inside the frame. Their insulating performance are extremely higher compared to the classic thermal break windows. Trial Val Q energy efficient windows satisfy the different kind of interior design stiles. They come in two different frames: rounded or squared. The ones with rounded frames match perfectly with classic furnish whilst the squared profiles mix best in a balanced, more geometric and modern way of decorating. Profiles are very slim and their installation results easy and fast.

Our aluminium – pvc windows Isol 70 Q mix are thought to fight bad weather conditions. They are extremely wind, air, water resistant. Their frame entirely made of aluminium blocks all drafts from the outside and it is long lasting and very easy to care for, no maintenance is required. The interior frame is a PVC by Schuco one and it adapt best to every house interior design. Our energy efficient windows can be personalized in the wide range of RAL colors, wood effects and many other finishes. They can also be realized in bicolored versions.

Our minimal aluminum windows Alu Compact are thought to let a greater amount of light inside since their frames is very slim and essentials. Alu Compact are extremely energy efficient windows where the glass becomes the main element. Indeed, the hidden hinges are perfectly integrated into the frame and no hardware component is visible when the window is closed. Alu Compact energy efficient windows comes with 2 distinct types of sash, Ferro and Retrò. They require minimal maintenance.


So are you ready to refurbish your Alaskan house in the middle of the ice?!  Get ready and take your pick!


We are specialist in making energy efficient windows and so far we have been experimenting constantly to achieve the top performances. We made it, we only deal with top energy efficient windows!  All models are different regarding details, design, hardware. Furthermore, each piece can be customized in shape and shades.

Not to be forget! Our energy efficient windows are a perfect deal  for warm countries as well  since they can come with solar control glazing, special glasses which invisible layers of special materials, which enable either sunlight to pass through or heat to be rejected.


Enjoy Spi energy efficient windows!