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Aluminium windows: short buying guide in 6 points.
What to know

Aluminium windows: short buying guide in 6 points.

1 August 2019


Aluminum has been known for decades as the alternative to wood for making frames of all types and shapes: a durable, sturdy alloy, resistant to atmospheric agents and oxidation, with high mechanical performance and easy maintenance. However, aluminum frames for a long time had no thermal insulation performance like wood windows: aluminum is a “cold” material, with high thermal conductivity, and traditional aluminum windows and doors have the reputation of not being the best in terms of energy saving and climate comfort, they are subject to condensation and cause of unaesthetic molds.

Today, however, technological innovation has made great strides and on the market we can find aluminum windows with extremely high performance in terms of both thermal and acoustic insulation, able to meet today’s energy saving needs as well as aesthetics.

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Index of Aluminum Frames Guide

  • Cold break and thermal break aluminum
  • Advantages of thermal break aluminum frames
  • Disadvantages of aluminum windows
  • Aluminum frames prices and typologies
  • Installation, installation and maintenance of aluminum doors and windows
  • Deductions on windows expenses


Cold break and thermal break aluminum

Cold break aluminum windows are the traditional aluminum frames, characterized by a profile entirely in this material, which by its nature, being a metal, is a thermal bridge. This means that in winter the aluminum window lets heat pass from the inside to the outside, and in summer from the outside to the inside. Under certain conditions, when the internal temperature is very high and there is an intense cold outside, the window not only does not isolate, but also becomes the point of formation of condensation. Result: high thermal dispersion, high consumption, unhealthy and comfortable environments.

The thermal break aluminum windows and doors introduce an insulating element between the two aluminum profiles, the internal one and the external one, which interrupts the thermal cut and significantly increases the performance of the frame. This is normally combined with a low emission glazing that also eliminates condensation problems.


2) Advantages of thermal break aluminum frames

Aluminum windows, therefore, if made with thermal break, combine the natural resistance of aluminum with the thermal insulation capabilities that a window frame must have today in order to be defined as “energy-saving”.

The frames made of aluminum are:

  • durable and long lasting, they can last over 60 years, if built with quality materials and certified techniques
  • light and aesthetically pleasing, thanks to the possibility of creating thin but still very stable and sturdy profiles, ideal for responding to modern aesthetic trends that require large, bright and clean windows with a clean and elegant design
  • achievable in many different colors and finishes, to adapt to any taste or architectural style, even in two-tone models, to make the doors and windows perfectly in line with both exterior and interior appearance
  • easy to maintain

3) Disadvantages of aluminum windows

Certainly, in the first place, the main disadvantage is the cost of a modern aluminum window frame, when compared to cold-break frames or PVC frames. But in hindsight it is an initial investment but it is repaid by the duration and strength of the window, as well as the possibility of obtaining the deductions envisaged for renovations that improve the energy efficiency of a home.

4) Aluminum frames prices and typologies

If we search online, we will find numerous pages that suggest price ranges for an aluminum window depending on the size. The truth is that these are largely hypothetical and sometimes misleading figures, since the price is determined by too many variables to give an indication of the cost.

t must be considered in fact:

  • the quality and performance of the profiles
  • the material used to make the thermal cut, on which the performance and energy class of the frame depend
  • glass, which can be double, triple, low-emission selective with argon gas
  • The dimensions
  • exposure
  • the finishes and the color chosen, or the colors, in the case of two-colored aluminum windows
  • the type of opening and the number of doors
  • if it is a wall fixture or must be used for the roof, a factor that makes even higher performance necessary
  • any accessories such as mosquito nets, blinds, roller shutters and electric motors.

The evaluation must be done on a case by case basis by an expert, because it is not just a matter of choosing based on personal taste and price, but above all on the basis of the technical characteristics that can guarantee the maximum result on your home. For an overview of all options and variants, see our aluminum frame models.

5) Installation and maintenance of aluminum doors and windows

The installation of an aluminum frame must be carried out by qualified and certified personnel, otherwise you run the risk of nullifying the investment made even in the case of doors and windows with the best features and performance. Only a proper installation in fact guarantees an excellent result in terms of energy saving and the duration of the frame.

Once you have installed your aluminum windows, you will no longer have to worry about it, just enjoy the comfort and pleasure of living in a home with an always optimal climate. Maintenance of aluminum frames is in fact limited to periodic cleaning from dust and dirt, with a cloth and a neutral detergent.

6) Deductions on windows expenses

Aluminum frames, if certified with the appropriate energy efficiency class, can benefit from the incentives, to the extent of 50%, for energy requalification interventions. It is sufficient to keep invoices and payment receipts made by bank transfer, ask the installer for a specific certification and send this documentation to Enea, with an electronic procedure to be carried out within 90 days from the end.





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