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Silentron Optional

The first windows with an integrated alarm system.


From now on SPI windows can contribute to increasing home security thanks to the exclusive integrated and concealed intrusion detection system, created in collaboration with Silentron.

Installed upon request on all SPI series, the system is available in a basic and an advanced version and is compatible with already existing alarm systems.

The SPI intrusion detection system offers exclusive benefits:

  • an efficient, concealed intrusion detection system that does not affect the aesthetics of the window frames;
  • easy installation, which does not require invasive or masonry works because it is wireless;
  • the system can be fitted with further devices to become a real alarm system.


The basic version the SPI intrusion detection system by Silentron is composed of two components:


This is a small electronic console, which connects to the electrical network and displays the status of the individual window frames, detecting if they are opened and then sending a radio signal. The control unit can be switched on, off and moved within the premises. The transmission power does not pose any health risks, according to what is established in the current EU regulations in force.


The transmitter signals to the control unit and to other devices with which the system can be fitted, that a window frame has been opened. It is perfectly integrated in the sash profiles and is therefore invisible when the windows are closed.


The intrusion detection system available for SPI windows can be equipped with accessory devices, which can be purchased at the local SPI Finestre dealers. The intrusion detection system can therefore become a real alarm system which can be integrated with already existing or newly installed professional systems and new installations.

For assistance please contact the Silentron Technical Service on the number +39 011 7732506.

sensore per porta blindata

sirena per interni


sirena per esterni

Ricevitore 12 canali per intergazione con centrali d'allarme di ogni tipo

sensore per accensione luci con dissuasore

Dissuasore per allarme con messaggio vocale

Ponte ripetitore per segnali radio

* The sensor for an armoured door will be supplied in a kit to be applied on site and will be already configured with the control unit.


By contacting a professional Silentron installer, it is possible to integrate the SPI intrusion detection sensors in a complete Silentron alarm system, with internal and external protection, telephone calls, remote control and connection to security and/or law enforcement authorities.

The benefits offered by the new and exclusive SPI intrusion detection system are clear:

  • High protection against break-ins for added security.
  • Zero impact on the aesthetics of the window frames.
  • Pre-installed system on request on new window frames.
  • Modular system which can be fitted with additional devices to become a complete alarm system which is compatible with systems from other manufacturers.


Scheda tecnica Silentron: download PDF






Exclusive integrated and concealed intrusion detection system, created in collaboration with Silentron.